Brueton is the world’s foremost manufacturer of interior furnishings using No. 304 Stainless Steel. No. 304 Stainless Steel is the perfect material for use in quality contemporary furniture; it is rust and corrosion resistant and will not pit, chip, peel or discolor. Stainless steel is unsurpassed in value as it is unaffected by the elements and will last indefinitely.

No. 304 Stainless Steel is a high grade alloy steel. Its bright luster is inherent to the material due to a composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Brueton stainless steel is available in two standard finishes: mirror-polished and satin. In addition Brueton offers on most of our products an orbital grain non directional satin finish.

Brueton polishes stainless steel to the highest grade “mirror” finish available in the industry. Stainless Steel can be repolished without damage to the surface as there is no separate surface application. It is permanently guaranteed against corrosion, rust, peeling or pitting.

The satin finish is obtained from precisely controlling the buffing techniques. Corner joints are well detailed with a mitered change in the buffing stroke. All Brueton satin stainless steel finishes have a clear protective lacquer coating.

The orbital grain satin finish is achieved through a hand application by master craftsmen and may vary slightly in shading, graining and pattern. These characteristics enhance the beauty if this natural finish.

By contrast, chrome plating is a cosmetic application of chromium over low grade mild steel. The impurities contained within mild steel will cause oxidation resulting in corrosion, pitting, rusting and peeling. Chrome plating cannot be compared with Brueton Stainless Steel.

The Brutone Bronze and Gunmetal Gray Finishes are Brueton’s specially developed finish applications on stainless steel.

The transparent color character of the Brueton Bronze and Gunmetal Gray finishes are similar to fine lacquered wood finishes, with a brilliancy imparted by the reflectivity of stainless steel giving the Brutone Bronze and Gunmetal Gray a rich and inviting depth.

Brutone Bronze finishes are available in polished, satin or statuary finishes.

Brueton’s Acid Washed finish is visually a direct contrast to our flawlessly polished stainless steel. In every other way it displays the same high level of Brueton quality.

Acid Washed finish is a five step finishing process that begins with cleaning of the welded joints and weld marks. Next, the surface is lightly scuffed and ground by hand to bring natural highlights to the surface of the steel. The piece is then acid washed to give the raw steel depth and beauty. A dye is then applied to enhance the natural surface and finally a catalyzed top coat is applied to prevent oxidation.

Acid Washed finish brings to life the strength and qualities inherent in the expertly crafted steel furnishings by Brueton.

Acid Washed finish is available on virtually every Brueton product. Please contact your representative or Brueton Customer Service for specific information.